Vinyl Flooring

Hard-wearing and water resistant, this functional and versatile flooring option is low maintenance and cost-effective.

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Looking for vinyl flooring on the Gold Coast?

With an extensive array of vinyl flooring materials and 40+ years of installation experience, you can rest assured that with Carpet Contractors you’re in the safest of hands. Rethink vinyl flooring with our extensive array of quality materials.

Why go vinyl?

Vinyl flooring has had a makeover in the last few years. Gone is the tacky and cheap-looking linoleum of the 70s!

It’s been replaced with stunning, functional and flexible flooring materials that can be arranged in an endless variety of colours and patterns. With our vinyl flooring Gold Coast products, you can replicate wood, slate, stone or tile to produce a modern and clean look that’s suitable for any location—without the hefty price tag. Vinyl flooring provides a functional and versatile flooring option that is both low maintenance and cost-effective.

Particularly well-suited to high traffic areas or wet areas, with their soft and absorbent backings, contemporary vinyl floors offer both insulation against the heat and cold, as well as noise reduction. They’re stain, scratch and scuff resistant, meaning they’ll retain their fresh look for longer. The waterproof backing make them resistant to bacteria, mildew, mould and moisture.

Did you know that vinyl flooring is eco-friendly?

Vinyl flooring is also one of the most eco-friendly flooring options—it’s recyclable, contains no heavy metals, PCP, formaldehydes, solvent-based inks or any other carcinogenic components.

Where should you use vinyl flooring?

Easy to clean, hygienic and visually appealing, vinyl flooring is quick and easy to install.

If you’re looking for vinyl flooring Gold Coast, we’d be happy to help you select the right material. Choose from our extensive array of vinyl sheet flooring and vinyl plank flooring options and we’ll install it in your preferred pattern and arrangement. Once again making it a more cost-effective flooring choice than carpet, timber or tiles. It’s perfect for spaces that see a lot of foot traffic or might be regularly exposed to water including:



Hospitalilty spaces


Commercial premises