Floor Preparation

We take care of the floor prep for your Gold Coast commercial flooring project to ensure it’s laid on the perfect foundation.

Carpet Contractors: the preferred choice for floor preparation Gold Coast

Carpet Contractors are commercial floor preparation Gold Coast specialists.

Opt with us to have all your flooring projects completed together so there is no need to fuss around with various companies to do each job. We provide efficient solutions to ensure your project can continue with minimal disruption.

Do you really need floor preparation?

Floor preparation is the most important part of any flooring job.

You need to ensure that your floor surface is ready for the flooring product of your choice. This will increase the longevity of the flooring product—whether vinyl, carpet or timber—and ensure that the end result is flat and smooth. Effective floor preparation is the only way to ensure your substrate is clean and free from any contamination that may interfere with the bonding of any floor finish you may prefer.

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What floor preparation should you go for?

We offer four different floor preparation Gold Coast services:

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Floor Stripping

To remove any existing floor coatings, glues or adhesives and to coat the floor for your preferred floor covering.

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Floor Leveling

To level out the floor and ensure there are no lumps or bumps that will impact on the quality of your floor covering.

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Concrete Grinding

To prepare the concrete surface and ensure the ground is perfectly adjusted to receive the preparation products and your preferred floor covering.

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Shot Blasting

To level the floor and prepare the concrete for any further treatments.

Expertise and experience

When you choose Carpet Contractors to complete your floor preparation Gold Coast service, you’re getting 40+ years experience and expertise.

Our floor preparation specialists meet the highest trade requirements and carry out all projects to exceed the minimum Australian standard. Contact us today to find out which of our flooring preparation Gold Coast services is right for your commercial project.