Environmental Policy

Carpet Contractors Pty Ltd is committed to supporting manufacturers who have a genuine interest in endorsing and implementing environmentally sustainable initiatives.

This can involve such practices as reducing waste and or energy during the manufacturing stage, using recycled materials in the production of new flooring products, recycling flooring material at the end of its life cycle and utilizing natural raw materials in place of synthetic or petroleum based constituents of a product.

Carpet Contractors Pty Ltd is also dedicated to implementing and maintaining systems within its own operations, relating to environmental protection.
 We are committed to environmental leadership in all of our business activities and provide policies to provide a safe, healthful workplace, protecting the environment, conserving energy and natural resources. With these policies in place we believe that we can achieve a healthy and safe environment. We are committed to do and will:
  • Provide a safe and healthful workplace and ensure that personnel are properly trained with the appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
  • Be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the community where we operate, and correct incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment.
Where possible, adhesives used in our installations are low VOC and eco-friendly, protecting the health of our staff and customers.

Where-ever possible, remnants and old floor coverings removed from a project are stored in our warehouse to be donated to community / church organizations / welfare bodies, as part of our own recycling program.