Carpet & Carpet Tiles

Available in wool, wool blend or nylon, in a variety of colours, these durable carpets and suitable for heavy foot traffic.

Carpet and Carpet tiles – Gold Coast

Carpet Contractors are the preferred and recommended carpet and carpet tile Gold Coast installers by all major commercial suppliers.

We have a large range of options to suit any budget and to complement any building design. From rubber-backed medical grade carpet to plush designer wool carpets, our quality carpet and carpet tiles are fire-rated for commercial buildings and can be completely customised to suit your individual needs.

Why opt for carpet?

Wall to wall carpeting can create a sense of spaciousness and style. The soft and luxurious feel of a carpeted room exudes comfort.

A pure wool carpet can help to maintain temperatures and assist with the cooling and heating of a space as it releases and holds moisture. Contrary to what you might believe, carpet and carpet tiles do actually help to clear the air as they collect allergens and dust particles that can then simply be vacuumed away.

Did you know we can custom make carpets?

Want to blend a customised design such as your logo into your new carpet? We can custom make carpets to suit your preferences.

Should you go for carpet tiles?

Due to their easy replacement and durability, carpet tiles are a popular choice for commercial spaces.

Carpet and carpet tiles are wear and tear resistant, sound absorbent and easy to maintain. They’re quick and easy to install and come in a whole range of different colours and patterns. We have a complete range of carpet and carpet tile Gold Coast solutions. You can create unique flooring spaces by alternating colours or creating patterns so they offer a highly individualised option. Easy to install and easily replaced, the rearrangement or refreshing of your flooring space is a breeze with carpet tiles. They’re perfect for:



Nursing Homes